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Best App to Master Music Scales

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Customizable Learning

Over 100,000 customizable training options for musicians and teachers. Perfect for violin, flute, clarinet or any instrument of your choice. Music tools for a focused and personalized learning experience.

Practice Anytime Anywhere

Practice on any tablet, smart phone or computer. Learn scales online or download your scales for offline use. Music lessons, music warm ups and music theory in the palm of your hand!

Musician Endorsed

NuTune content has been vetted and approved by classically trained musicians who are teachers of music theory to ensure an accurate and effective training program.

#1 App to Learn Music Scales and Music Theory

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Customize Your Music Scales

Full control of scale, speed and rhythm. NuTune is designed by musicians for musicians.
NuTune Music | Scales

Learn Scales

Choose a major scale, natural minor, harmonic minor, or a melodic minor scale at any starting note. Fine tune your practice by starting on any pitch, any octave and with any range. NuTune works for piano scales, dorian scales, jazz scales, and more!

NuTune Music | Scales

Custom Fingering

Select an instrument and choose the NuTune default fingering  or create your own customized fingering based on your learning preference or suggestions from your teacher. Once created save your customized fingerings for future practices.

NuTune Music | Arpeggios

Practice Tempo

Learn how to memorize scales at your own pace. Set tempo as slow as 10 beats per minute and once you're ready, crank it all the way up to 240 beats per minute. The NuTune Music teaching app is designed for musicians at any level.

NuTune Music | Church Modes

Church Modes

Go beyond the basics and generate any of the five church modes. Simultaneously use our rhythm and tempo features to bring these difficult scales from zero to hero in no time.

NuTune Music | Tempo

Play Arpeggios

Use our arpeggio feature in our music app to generate one, two, or three octave arpeggios. Use  the rhythm and tempo features to up your music game on piano, violin, trumpet or any other instrument.

NuTune Music | Rhythm

Perfect Rhythm

With the ability to choose from quarter notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes, and dotted rhythms, you can be sure to tackle that difficult scale or arpeggio from all angles.

NuTune Music | Church Modes

Interactive Learning

If you hit a bump in the road, don’t sweat it. Get interactive guidance from a credentialed music educator! Step by step instructions from a certified teacher will help you on any scale and get you practicing and prepared in no time!

NuTune Music | Interactive Learning

Record Yourself

Review, download, and send your scale recordings. Analyze your scale accuracy and check your progress over time.

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