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Cameron Wirtz

Cameron Wirtz studied at the UCLA Herb Albert School of Music under world-renowned musicians and educators such as Movses Pogossian and Margaret Flanagan-Lysy. Cameron has also studied at the California Institute of Music under the direction of Michael, Irina, and Pasha Tseitlin. Cameron is trained in violin, vocal performance, and music industry and obtains a music education credential. Cameron has performed with the UCLA Philharmonia Orchestra, San Diego Philharmonic, Santa Monica Symphony, UCLA Chamber Singers and San Diego Youth Symphony. His travels have included singing under the direction of conductor JoAnn Falletta with the UCLA Chamber Singers and the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra; orchestral violin performance concerts in the Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing, China and the Oriental Art Center in Shanghai, China with the San Diego Youth Symphony. Under the direction of James Bass, Cameron received a GRAMMY for Best Choral Performance with the UCLA chamber singers. Cameron has an established studio where he teaches violin, cello, bass, viola and voice. He has been a music educator for orchestral, band, voice and music technology programs at schools including Santa Monica High School, La Jolla Country Day, and Brockton Elementary in the Los Angeles Unified school district. With his experience as a music educator, he founded Musicians With a Purpose (www.musicianswithapurpose.com) where he brings music to under-resourced schools, retirement communities, and other community organizations. Cameron quickly found a need for a more effective and independent way for musicians to practice their scales. Thus, he created NuTune Music with the goal of offering a program that allows students to learn music scales, anytime, anywhere, and with pinpointed customization.

Sharon Joyce

Dr. Joyce has a Ph.D. in higher education research from UCLA. Her research points to the importance of the impact of learning environments towards persistence in degree attainment. Dr. Joyce has spent more than 15 years working to ensure high quality learning for optimal student success. As the founder of ResearchResults Inc., Sharon’s work has focused on non-traditional learning environments. Specifically, seeking to offer students the most thoughtful and rigorous training that is tailored to meet students where their individual learning needs begin. Dr. Joyce has worked with highly ranked research institutions such as Scripps Research, City of Hope and Sanford Burnham that offer unique science doctoral training programs in the chemical and biological sciences. Her research work at the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI)at UCLA focused on the impact of learning environments on student persistence in the sciences. Dr. Joyce has firsthand knowledge of the power to surround students with the highest level of expertise for maximize learning. Unique learning environments have the power to meet more learners in an environment where they will thrive and grow. TheNuTune’s music scales app creates an environment that allows students to learn essential and fundamental scales that are the building blocks to playing a musical instrument and singing. Through NuTune’s technology app students learn scales at their own pace, on their own time, and at a reasonable cost. Let’s build the bridge of music access for all, build community, celebrate collaboration and strengthen our brains and sense of wonderment and joy that only music has the power to invoke.

Matthew Wirtz

Matthew Wirtz is a classically trained violinist and vocalist who believes music can serve as an avenue to create bridges between people, cultures, and countries.As a violinist, Matthew has studied under Flavia Pisco as well as Michael, Irina, and Pasha Tseitlin at the California Institute of Music. He was a member of the San Diego Youth Symphony for six years and has played under the baton of conductors such as Jeff Edmons and Larry Livingston. Matthew is currently an undergraduate student at Stanford University where he continues to pursue his passion for music beyond the classroom. As a high school student, Matthew worked to blend his focus in music and international relations. He served as the president of Musicians With a Purpose(www.musicianswithapurpose.com), a not-for-profit organization which seeks to connect communities in San Diego through the power of music. With this organization, Matthew has helped to play music, teach music, and make music accessible by donating instruments to under-resourced schools and non-profit organizations such as the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Traveling Stories, andHands of Peace.