Thanks  San Diego Youth Symphony (SDYS) for your KUDOS to NuTune Music

August 25, 2019
Thank you SDYS for your KUDOS to NuTune, but most importantly for your passion and relentless commitment to building a community orchestra program that serves all students regardless of location, economics, or music abilities. You’ve made a music home for so many students.
We found a home in SDYS where we spent countless hours practicing, meeting other musicians, and perfecting our technique and musicianship. We are so thankful for the commitment of local and national benefactors who support community orchestras and for the dedication of conductors who lead, mentor, and build the next generation of musicians. We understand the power of music to build connections, community, and a sense of purpose for the good of all.
So, get involved in your local community music programs. Regardless of the size of your city or town, local community music programs can be found through a quick internet search, through local schools, churches and community centers. Many school-affiliated orchestras seek community participation to round out the balance of instruments.
If you aren’t ready to play, consider volunteering to help with the room set-up for practices, concert preparation, ushering, or helping with social media.
Thanks SDYS for your support of NuTune Music! Here’s to building music programs in all communities.
‍Cameron and Matthew Wirtz, NuTune Music Founders

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